Seligman, Arizona
  Elevation 5,250 feet
Birthplace of Historic Route 66

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By Arizona Office of Tourism Staff

There was a slower, simpler time before the Interstate picked up the pace of today. Back then, Route 66 was the Main Street of America. Arizona is home to the longest original stretch of this road, which is one of 25 scenic byways in Arizona, and much of it is still preserved by the locals who lived it.

If you are lucky, you may run into a couple who still live and work on the road and can tell you a story or two. History and nostalgia lie along the way on this classic road trip. So get your kitsch on Route 66.

Commercial Property by Owner - Seligman, Arizona



  • House and garage on 3 commercial lots in the Seligman Historic District (.58 acres).
  • County approved septic on property.
  • 150 ft. frontage on Route 66 (front of lot).
  • 150 ft. street access on Floyd Street (west side of lot).
  • The house is on the center lot.
  • The property is three surveyed parcels that are each 50 feet wide x 150 feet deep. The house is on the center parcel. All three parcels are listed as one piece of property.
  • A successful ground compact study was completed for the county on the southwestern corner of the property in anticipation of retail construction.
  • Yavapai County Parcel # 301 26 048
  • 2017 taxes $403.42
  • We are not interested in renting or a lease option.
Sale Price:  $150,000

You Tube Video Link:

This property is listed as # 51 and # 52 on the corner  of Floyd and Route 66 as depicted below.

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